Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ethnic Dolls

Saturday, January 03, 2009

We want to raise Beatrix to be an open-minded individual. For Christmas, Santa brought Beatrix "ethnic dolls". These were a set of four dolls, each with a different ethnic background. We hoped that by playing with these dolls, we hoped she would be exposed to different backgrounds at an earlier age than we ever were and realize we are all equal. When she goes to school in a few years and meets people who have different skin-color, religions, etc., we hope that she will not think twice of it and knows that despite looking different, we are all really the same and special.

The ethnic dolls are very cute. They are made of fabric and have yarn for hair. Playing with the dolls can be dangerous, however, because Beatrix could pull out the yarn, stick it in her mouth and choke on it. All the dolls have hair...except for the white girl (who has a hat instead of yarn for hair).

Because of our fear of Beatrix will choke on the hair made out of yarn, we are now in the position of only allowing her to play with the white doll. If she reaches for one of the other dolls, we cannot allow her to play with it out of concerns for her health. What type of twisted lesson is that teaching her?!?

So in our attempt to teach Beatrix to be an inclusive individual who accepts all people, we are teaching her the complete opposite. Ironic, right?


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