Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Easter Traditions

Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Growing up on Easter morning, Cathryn's family had a scavenger hunt based on clues. Under her bed when she awoke was a clue written on a piece of paper that led her to a place in her house along with a couple pieces of chocolate. She would place the pieces of chocolate into a basket and go to where her clue indicated. At arrival, she would find a couple more pieces of chocolate and a clue to another place. This would continue and eventually she would arrive at her final destination where there would be more chocolate, as well as clothes, toys, games, etc.

Brian's family too had a scavenger hunt on Easter. It was a free-for-all in comparison to Cathryn's. Each boy would look for their basket filled with chocolate in every hiding spot in the house until it was found. In addition to the scavenger hunt for chocolate, there was also a simultaneous hunt for decorated hard-boiled eggs. Other than bragging rights, there was no prize for finding eggs.

It seems that each family has different holiday traditions. Sometimes it has been an area of contention for us because each one of us wants our child to have identical traditions that we had growing up. That said, one of the exciting things about starting a family is initiating family traditions that our daughter (and, eventually, other child) will have to remember.

For Easter, we are starting a couple new traditions:

1. The weekend before Easter, we are going to take both of our mothers to the Broadway Market to see the Easter Bunny, followed by brunch. This year, we are going to eat at Betty's.
2. Every year (per child), we are going to take a plain basket and decorate it until it is Easter Basket-quality. As she grows older, we are going to weave in some folklore into the tradition by saying the prettier the basket, the more chocolate the Easter Bunny gives.
3. We are going to paint eggs the Saturday before Easter. Each child will paint 6 eggs, and initial each and number each sequentially 1 to 6. The child will wake up Sunday morning with the egg they numbered 1 under their bed with a clue. They will follow the clue, finding their egg and another clue at each spot. At their seventh spot (the first being under their bed) they will find their hand-decorated basket with chocolates and toys.


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