Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Bad News

Saturday, May 23, 2009
We went to see Terminator Salvation at the Elmwood Regal on Saturday afternoon. After the movie, we returned to find the driver-side window of our Chevy Aveo smashed. When we inspected the evidence, we deduced someone was trying to break into our car and steal the Satellite Radio. They did not take it, however, as the door was now stuck shut (due to broken glass obstructing the handle) and our car-alarm brought attention to the scene before the burglar had time to devise a Plan B.

We contacted our car-insurance company and the deductible will be $500. So one day after our Zune broke, we got hit again. Hopefully I will have some good news next week to report to make up for these past few painful days.

After dealing with the car, we decided to treat ourselves to comfort food. First we split a Chicken-Finger Sub from Bob and John's. We then got dessert from Dolci.


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