Friday, May 22, 2009

Our Zune is Broken

Friday, May 22, 2009
So our 80-gig Zune is broken; it is no longer recharging. When I checked out the Microsoft website, I found out the warranty expired five months ago and it would cost $160 to fix it. A new 120-gig Zune is $250 at Best Buy, so getting it fixed isn't exactly a good offer.

I am a pretty vindictive consumer who will stop shopping at a store or buying from a company if I feel wronged by them. In this particular instance, I feel wronged. The Zune is almost always indoors, is less than two years old and is used less than an hour a day; the battery malfunctioning is clearly the result of the product being poor. I definitely do not want to buy another Zune because of this.

The only other major model of MP3 player, which would make it the obvious choice for our next music player, is the I-Pod. I-Pods, however, are made by Apple and I hate Apple. I hate their annoying commercials with Justin Long. I hate their smug users. I hate dealing with people who don't use PC file formats because their Apple Computer can't open them. (The background music in some of their I-Pod commercials, however, is usually quite good.)

So we are at an impasse. I am half-tempted to record everything I have on mix-tapes and use a Walkman (not really). Either way, it'll take a little while to save up to buy a new one. I guess I will be humming to myself while on the treadmill for the time being.


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