Sunday, May 17, 2009

Save The Date - 8/2/09

Sunday, May 17, 2009
After going back and forth on the matter, we have decided that we are going to hold a party this August to celebrate Beatrix's first birthday. I know this is pretty early to start getting ready, but we plan ahead in the Real Bray household. Part of the reason for us deciding to do so is that Beatrix won't have any religious holidays/milestones to celebrate, so it seems unfair we should deprive her of a large celebration until later in life. (The baby books we read recommend having large parties at milestone birthdays, such as 5 and 10, and having smaller parties for non-milestone birthdays.) Another reason is we want her to build a closer relationship with her cousins that are around the same age.

The theme of the party will be puppies, although our dogs will be in jail on vacation that week at a Kennel relaxing spa. We plan on making this a child centric expect lots of different foods that feature peanut-butter as the main ingredient. We also plan on distributing gift-bags to the children who attend and have games for them to play. Sports will definitely not be on the TV if we have anything to say about it (though I doubt we will.)

We have yet to decide if we want this to be a family-only party or a friends and family party. If anybody has any insight on this, please let us know. If you are a family member (or possibly a friend if we opt to go that route), please look for an invitation toward the end of June.



Now that you've teased us with talk of a peanut butter themed party you won't invite us? Shameful.

Seriously though, whatever works best for you guys. Friends, family, just you.

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