Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Breakfast and Lunch

Since Brian is going to be at work on his birthday, I tried to do a few little things to help make his day special. I started yesterday by making english muffins for his breakfast and bread for his sandwich (from scratch without the bread-maker). Brian loves that kind of stuff home-made (instead of store-bought), so I knew it was something he'd enjoy.

The english muffins were good, I'll probably tweak the recipe the next time I try them, and the bread was delicious (even Bebe thought so).


I decided to make Brian his favorite meal for his birthday dinner: Black and Blue burgers and french fries. To make that little bit more special, I made the hamburger buns myself and the french fries were made from scratch and cooked in our home frier.


The orginal plan for these particular cupcakes was to tell Brian that I had ruined dinner but, thankfully, I had bought these really neat T.V. dinners to try, (I know T.V. dinners for your birthday = sad birthday boy). But when he came down stairs after getting changed he'd have this in front of him:

Haha funny, fooled you! My plan was spoiled by the early arrival of the birthday boy who decided to leave work early. Here are some more cupcake photos.

Bonus Pictures



I love how this post begins all sweet and normal and then quickly turns into INSANE CUPCAKES + SNUGGIE.

You two are the best.

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