Monday, July 06, 2009

(Not so) Lazy Sunday

Monday, July 06, 2009
Yesterday (Sunday), we took Beatrix to the Hoyt Lake portion of Delaware Park. We walked around the lake - Beatrix was out like a light half-way through. Not wanting to interrupt her sleep to put her back in the car, we decided to visit the Japanese Garden. (The funniest thing was that there were two Asian couples at the Japanese the rest of the park isn't good enough for them?!? J/K)
Wanting to rest, we decided to sit down at a picnic table at the Japanese Garden. Being the fussy sleeper she is, Beatrix woke up five minutes after we stopped.
We decided we wanted to get some ice-cream because we were feeling so summery and Beatrix had never gone out for icecream before. Brian opened up his brand-new, GPS-enabled BlackBerry and found out that Anderson's was the closest Ice-Cream place. Brian got a chocolate and vanilla swirl cone, while Cathryn and Beatrix went halfsies on a vanilla cone.
The home-made spaghetti we were planning to make for dinner didn't seem to fit our mood anymore. We drove to Wegman's and picked up hot-dogs and potato-salad. (The potato-salad from Dash's is much, much better btw.) After dinner, we played in the game-room until it was time for Beatrix to go to bed.


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