Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cathryn Turned Thirty

Sunday, August 23, 2009
On Thursday, Cathryn celebrated her 30th birthday. We stayed in, ate steak and cupcakes, and watched the season premier of Project Runway. We'll be having dinner with Cathryn's mom on Friday and Brian's mom a week after that to celebrate as well. Being a functional adult = Celebrating birthdays multiple times.)

As an extension of the birthday festivities, we were planning on spending the day at the fair on Saturday. The rain, however, dictated that we only spend an hour and a half at the fair. We got to see all the weird vendors though, so that was good enough for us. (And seriously, what is with all the hot tub salesmen at the fair? There is like 50.)

Egg-Celent Cupcakes

"Egg-celent Cupcakes"

Chicken Feed Cupcakes

"Chicken Feed Cupcakes"

Chicken Cupcakes

"Chicken Cupcakes"


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