Thursday, August 13, 2009

CSA Update

Thursday, August 13, 2009
Awhile back we did a post on our CSA Share. The shares have been going well so I thought I'd do a post on our fruits and veggies this week, they're very beautiful and photogenic. Enjoy.

5lbs of peaches and 2lbs of mixed plums, nectarines and apricots

A bunch of dandelion leaves, 6 ears of corn and 4 tomatoes (Beatrix adores tomatoes and was happy I didn't wait to cut one up for her)

Beets and extra extra large zucchini

The dandelion greens, some of those giant zucchini and a little of Bebe's leftover tomato were used in omelets for dinner last night. The greens were a little bitter so I'm not sure if I'll use them like that again.
I haven't decided how to use the rest of the zucchini but I think our grill will be involved.
I've never had much interest in beets so they be going home with my mom (she loves beets and has said that the ones from Promised Land are "wonderful").
The tomatoes will be put to good use filling up Bebe's tummy and the corn will just be loaded with salt and butter (can't wait).
The peaches are unfortunately not ripe yet so we won't be enjoying those for a few days but the plums are ripe, tender and almost gone!


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