Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Trot

Friday, November 27, 2009

Yesterday, my brother and I ran the Turkey Trot. I hadn't run in the Turkey Trot since 2000 and was unsure how my time would be.

My gun time was 0:40:25 for a pace of 0:08:08.
Of course if you've run in the race, you know the gun time is useless. You spend the first 45 seconds after the gun standing there waiting for your group to start. Instead, I'm posting my chip time as my official result. My chip time was 39:04 for a pace of 7:51:32.

In 1999, my chip time was 36:03 for a pace of 7:15. In 2000, my chip time was 41:48 for a pace of 8:22.

So, the difference between age 21 (with only school and a 30-hour/week part time job and a full head of hair) and age 31 (with a full-time job, wife, baby, political commitments, and a slowly receding hair line) is three minutes and one second. Go me.

Oh, and Eric ran a 36:04 this year.


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