Monday, May 17, 2010

Cleveland Rocks!

Monday, May 17, 2010
On May 15th, Brian and I set out for our first night as a couple away from Beatrix.  Actually, Bebe and I went to my step-mother's cottage last August without Brian, but this was my first night away from her and our first outing alone since she was born. We headed to Cleveland for a weekend getaway just the two of us (thanks Nana for Bebe-sitting).

Why Cleveland you ask? Well, for the past 6 months Brian has been training for a half-Marathon (read about his running journey at and it just so happens that weekend, the Cleveland Marathon was taking place. Below are some pics of Brian and Cleveland, for a complete (and I mean complete) synopsis of our little trip visit the blog post on his running blog about it.

All in all we had a nice trip and Brian did extremely well with his race. He ended up finishing with a gun time of 1:42:43 and a chip time of 1:41:55. His goal was a chip time of 1:45. His pace was 7:46/mile and he was 380 out of 4741 running the half-marathon, 72 out of 374 men between 30-34 running. GREAT JOB BRIAN!


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