Sunday, April 03, 2011

Big Sister Bebe

Sunday, April 03, 2011 0
We have not posted anything about Beatrix lately so we thought we would tell you what a wonderful big sister she has been. Bebe is always happy to have her little sister around and sometimes even requests her presence. She gets Tilly items "she wants" and is almost always happy to share her toys with her. She enjoys feeding her and "playing" with her. She also encourages her baby sister and often says things like, "Come on Tilly! You can crawl! You can do it!", "Say Mama" and "Say Dada". We are very proud of our little girl for everything she does, but especially for being a wonderful big sister.

Talking Tilly

The first words, yes words, have been spoken. "Dada" was first followed 2 days later by "baba". We're both really excited to have another chatty little girl.

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